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Bizbudd Overview

Bizbudd dashboard offers a host of tools that can conveniently be accessed through the top and left-hand navigation menu bar.

STEP 1: Log in to your Bizbudd account.

STEP 2: This is the Bizbudd user dashboard when you log in successfully.

The dashboard holds all features that comes with all the tools you need.

It consists of three main areas:-

The lefthand menu bar: It holds the 4 tools in Bizbudd; Dashboard, chat, DFY and client box.

The top navigation bar: This is where you find quick links. Here you’ll find;Total credit unit, Agency Whitelabel and support.

The middle section: This is your work area, where you see a section that follows when you click a feature from the lefthand menu bar. For example, clicking on the chat menu will show the chat dashboard in the middle section.

Bizbudd Features

Working with Bizbudd is pretty simple. It provides cool features:


This is where you see onboarding videos, conversation history, video library, knowledgebase, and customer support.


This is where you see the chat dashboard with your business assistant. Kindly follow these articles to learn how to use the chat dashboard.


This is where you see DFY consultant and prompt template. Kindly follow this link to find articles on how to use Bizbudd DFY features.


This is where you find and manage your rented consultants. Kindly follow this link to find articles on how to use the client box.


This is where you create and manage your team and clients. Customize you dashboard and add acustom domain. And also get a reseller license. Kindlt follow this link to find articles on how to use the agency whitelabel.

Updated on May 3, 2024

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