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How To Integrate Gmail

STEP 1: Log in to your Bizbudd account.

STEP 2: Click on the “profile image” at the top right of your dashboard

STEP 3: Click on “Integration” from the drop-down options.

STEP 4: Click on  Gmail API card

STEP 5: Click on the “Add New Gmail API” button

STEP 6: A pop up form where you need to enter the Gmail information needed, as shown below.

==> Email field: in the field enter an Email address.

==> Account password: in the “Account Password” field enter your Gmail Password.

Google has made a new update, so you have to use a password created during app authentication. Kindly follow the Action steps below to get the password to use for your Gmail integration.  Please note that the sending limit is 100.

Action 1: Click on this link to your Google account to help.

Action 2:  Click on the Google Account link

Action 3:  Click on security in the left-hand side menu

Action 4:  Click on 2-step verification (if indicated off)

Then click on the Get started button

You will be redirected to the Gmail login form to enter your password

Enter your password and click on the next button

Enter your phone number to get verification for the authentication

You will then enter the verification code and click next. You will see this when it is on

Then click on it and scroll to the App password section

Now click on the app password tab

You will be taken to this page to generate the app password


For the Select app field choose the  “other(custom name)”

Enter a name for the app. You may use iceleraite as the app name

click on the generate button

Your app password will be generated

Copy the password and enter it into the password field in the Gmail integration

==> Sender Name: in the “Sender Name” field enter the sender name.

==> Turn on the “Status Toggle Button”

STEP 7: Click the “Submit Button”

Credentials is sucessfully added to table


Updated on May 6, 2024

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